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Why recycle clothes?
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”Everything old is new again.”
-- Cole Porter
The Educated Recycler

At MAC Recycling, we're committed to helping the environment in every way we can. And we're committed to helping you do the same.

So we’re introducing this special section on our website called The Educated Recycler. It’s a place to find intelligent articles and useful links. A place to share information.  A place to recycle the most important resource of all. Knowledge. 

Where It All Began.

The history of recycling is as old as the earth itself. The fact is the planet has been doing it since the planet began. Humans since humanity began. For instance, the ancient Egyptians wove new fabrics made from old mummy wrappings. Talk about reincarnation!

Now fast forward five thousand years. Those mummies would be rolling over in the sarcophagus. 

The United States is a leader in garbage production. We fill 63,000 garbage trucks every day in this country. If they were lined up end-to-end, they would stretch 400 miles (Source: National Audubon Society). According to the EPA, that amounts to 220 million tons of garbage each year. Unfortunately, approximately 65% of that is entombed in landfills.

At MAC, we know your garbage can be put to good use. A used sweater can warm a needy child in Pakistan or be recycled for the fiber and woven into a new blanket. A pair of used shoes can find its way to those in need in Africa, Haiti, or elsewhere. A stained, worn out t-shirt or sweatshirt, can be used as a cleaning rag for businesses. So clean out your closets. Dump your drawers. There’s so much you can do.

Though at MAC Recycling, we only recycle your used clothing, shoes, purses, belts and stuffed animals, other items that you can and should recycle in your community: 

Aluminum cans
Automotive supplies (from used motor oil to anti-freeze)
Cell phones
Construction materials
Glass bottles
Hazardous materials like paints, household chemicals and more
Ink and toner cartridges
Office supplies

And of course, cardboard and newspapers. If we all recycled our Sunday newspaper just one week per year that would save 550,000 trees! And if every American recycled their Sunday paper every week, we’d save about 26 million trees per year (Source: CA Department
of Conservation).

There’s definitely strength in numbers. So we invite you to send us your resourceful recycling tips, favorite articles or a recycling story that would inspire others to join the many Americans (like you and me) that are making a difference by making recycling, reusing and restoring part of their life --  and the lives of others. 

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